X5 3.0d


The 3.0L diesel engine pumps out 369 lb ft of torque at only 2000 rpm giving this X5 the same torque as the 4.8is at 3600rpm! This 3.0L engine is featured throughout the BMW model range and is in my mind, one of the best engines to have and is also very economical. If I had the money for some sort of Arabian dune launcher, I would purchase the 4.8is. But for English traffic jams and long commutes it would be the 3.0L diesel for me. The model I tested had parking sensors with a graphical aid giving clear warning colours on how close you are to objects around you. The model tested also benefited from full leather, TV’s everywhere, Sat Nav, over compensated alloy wheels for the urban look (very much required) and probably a list of other extras I didn’t notice. 

This is the first 4x4 I have ever driven for a decent period of time and was amazed by how car-like it felt. The steering felt precise, the body roll was more than the other BMW models, but not much and certainly a lot less than the Mitsubishi Shogun and Land Rover’s I have previously driven. You can feel the torque in this car with good acceleration from low down in the rev range and how effortless it is to drive in any gear.



Engine: 3.0L straight 6, 218bhp

Performance: 0-60 in 8.3 and 124 mph

Date: 02/2006

Cost: £38,515

Mileage tested: 6,000