Scirocco Scala

We acquired the Mk2 Scirocco Scala in the 1990’s in silver. It comes with a grey cloth interior, black dash, sunroof, height adjustable seat, but nothing is electrical in that sense. The car only does short journeys but has been reliable non the less. I have driven it back to back with the 2.0 litre Corrado and there seems little in straight line performance, only the 8v engine of the Scirocco runs out of breath in the higher rev range. I think the car is based on the Mk1 Golf Gti chassis and thus handles very well on its 14” wheels; it just has this coupe shell that I guess is more aerodynamic. The brakes need a hard push, even after changing the pads, so possibly an upgrade would help.

The interior being a light grey is very airy and pleasant to be in. although the car has a tape player, I couldn’t really care as you listen to the rumble of the 1.8 engine; helped along with a stainless steel aftermarket exhaust. It still retains its standard alloy wheels, which I think maybe linked to BBS; they start to look tatty if not cared for.

I don’t drive the car much but know my mum loves it to bits are refuses to part with it; she’s a proper little boy-racer. I keep egging her on to buy a Corrado, as the Scirocco doesn’t have power steering like its bigger brother, as the steering becomes very heavy for slow manoeuvres. It’s a great car but certainly dated by today’s standards.

Engine: 1.8 8v
Performance: 112bhp
Time owned: years
Bought: 2nd hand £4k
Mileage owned: a few, but still a low mileage car
Parts/Servicing costs: low except certain items (i.e. rear light cluster)
Insurance: unsure