Hartge Z47 Z3 coupe 5.0 Titan-Silver


This is not a converted car but a real production Hartge from the factory by name and title/chassis code. This Z3 coupe 5.0 is the only one in the world ever made. This 5.0 engine type is 1 out of a few special orders, three others came in the last 3 Ascari Ecosse, mine also has the ECU setup as the Ecosse. Hartge produced the engine for them and his own Hartge car (Z3 M coupe). Herbert Hartge has been involved with cars since his youth and from 1969 to 1983 as a successful racing driver with Formula V racing and touring cars, primarily BMWs. He was also the first owner of this car from new in 1998 till 2002.    



Started life as a prototype and show-car bought new by Herbert Hartge based on a black M coupe 09-1998, see the German website from Hartge. First 25.000km with the standard 3.2 engine and later the Hartge 3.5 (car was still black then) later the 4.7 and finally made bigger in 2001 to 5.0 (Hartge/Ascari). This then became a real Hartge also by brand of car and left their factory (sold) 05-2002 as the one and only ever made Hartge Z47 Z3 coupe 5.0 also owned by Herbert Hartge himself (first owner from new also on paper work). The total the car is on is 106.000km or 65.879 miles). The car has air-con, stereo, ABS, airbags, power windows, sunroof, heated power seats. The car is easy to maintain as also many parts are from other BMW cars.

Hartge parts include:

Hartge dials, speed (300km/u) and revs counter, pedals, steering wheel, gear-knob, short-shift system, handbrake lever, engine hood from Kevlar, front-bumper special made for better cooling and unique, 19inch 3-part wheels with good as new tires, suspension KW3, 6-speed gearbox, Hartge 5.0L engine 420ps and 520nm, special exhaust from front to rear, diff with 75% lock, special one off alu radiator big capacity, oil cooler, dry sump, Hartge chassis-number and plates and badges, papers signed by Herbert Hartge himself with all documents also magazine's from 1999 and 2002. This Hartge comes with German and Dutch papers (all taxes paid), the parts and labour alone to make a replica costs 95.000 euros but then you still have to supply the car, which would have cost circa 70.000 euros for an M Coupe.


Engine: 5.0L (4930cc), V8, 420hp and 520nm

Performance: 0-62 in 4.5 and 190 mph

Time owned: 02/2007 - Current

Valuation: £50,000 in 2010

Mileage: 65,879

Parts/Servicing costs: BMW rates

Insurance: Approx £800 fully comp for a 30 year old with 5 years no claims

History: New price when Hartge sold it in 2001 was 120.000 euros in Germany and 160.000 euros in the Netherlands (incl. BPM). I'm the third owner, Herbert Hartge was the first, I have also the German road papers and TUV and of course Dutch road registration, still the only real Hartge as a brand ever registered in NL.