330i Saloon


The E46 330i is a very tempting compromise to the M3, with 240bhp and excellent handling with the right suspension and tyres. I still love the sound every morning when I turn the key, sounds just like a TVR and then it settles down to a comfortable note. The changes in the engine and exhaust have enhanced this car a lot from the 328. The interior is a lot more solid than the E36, the leather and plastics also feel better quality. The only criticism I would give the E46 over the E36 is that it has got a lot heavier and bulkier. The dashboard takes up a lot more room and the pillars are a lot thicker sometimes reducing driver sight. Otherwise I would say the quality in construction, performance and handling feels better than the E36 328i – the top of the range non-M, 3 series.



This 330 had nearly every extra available; heater full leather electric seats with memory, satellite navigation, parking sensors, Zenon lights, 17 inch Mtech alloys, sport body kit, digital climate control, Harmon Kardon upgrade and probably a whole list of things that I take for granted.


Check for FBMWSH or specialist as these are relatively new cars with some advanced technology that even the most knowledgeable of independents won’t understand or have the tools for the job. Check the condition of the wheels, major curbing may have effected other areas of the car and a full KDS alignment and alloy refurbishment can be costly, a problem with large alloys and low profiles as standard. Check all the electrics, climate control, electric seats etc or these could provoke spending in the long term.


I have had this car maintained by Barons of Farnborough and servicing costs have been very reasonable due to this car having long service intervals.



Engine: 3.0L straight 6, 240bhp

Performance: 0-60 in 6.5 and 148 mph at the top

Time owned: 09/2002

Bought and sold for: £20,000

Mileage owned: 30,000

Parts/Servicing costs: £1,000+

Insurance: £450 with 5+ year NC