E36 328i Sport


This car manages to be one of the best all around packages I have driven. The build quality is amazing and the driving position could not be better. I love the way the doors have no frames around the top, it really makes you feel that you’re stepping into something a bit special. The 328i Sport may have similar bhp to the 325 but the torque has gone up dramatically at low rpm giving a much more responsive driving machine. There are various tuning procedures to push the power up to 250 bhp from spending under £1k and not really affecting the sound or reliability of the car. These include the M50 325 intake manifold, big bore throttle body, cold air induction system and a remap. This is already a good compromise to the M3, but with that performance upgrade option it’s even better. Running costs are actually very reasonable with nearly 30 mpg and reasonable servicing costs if you stick to specialists. This Sport came with ASC, which has come in handy several times with a combination of uneven road surfaces, bad weather conditions and possibly a little spirited driving. The handling is very good with the Mtech suspension and steering, which does inspire confidence. I have heard many people criticise the E36 coupe’s, especially the M3 for having light or vague steering but I have to disagree, I think they are being picky. 



I found this Sport sifting through Pistonheads and was amazed at the spec and price it was up for. The car was advertised through a specialist Dealership called “Up Town Cars” in North London. I travelled up the same day with a mechanic friend of mine and bought it after attempting some rather bad negotiation skills.

Me “The fan belt, alternator belt and drivers side electric window regulator needs replacing”

So-called friend “Oh I can do that for you, will take me a few minutes”, I’m still waiting on the window regulator.

So we paid the asking price, I wasn’t fussed though as the engine had been replaced under warranty (which the sellers didn’t know). The car had 80,000 miles on the clock and the new engine had been fitted in 06/2000 giving the engine approximately 40,000 miles of use. I wasn’t going to wait for them to troll through the receipts and jack up the price when the realised the car is worth £2k more than they were asking for it.

This car really was fully loaded, 6 disk changer, digital climate control (adjustable for both passenger and driver), full leather (Lux Pack) sand leather, 17” BBS RC042 (now refurbished, these are always in a mess), full Mtech kit, Avus package, Continentals all round and to top it off a FBMWSH.


The E36 should have had a spindle recall, so check this has been done through BMW. The 328 engines had Nikasil liners, which were eaten away by poor quality fuel, resulting in a new engine required. BMW Dealers would have done this under “Good-Will” if the car had FBMWSH and under 100,000 miles. Some dealers would have inserted steel liners; others gave a whole new block and pistons. This car was lucky enough for a whole new engine. The BBS 042’s had a serious corrosion problem and will most likely need refurbishing, this is costly. Otherwise there aren’t any real issues different to any other car.


All BMW Genuine parts have been used, since owning the car I have kept the FBMWSH and taken the car to Barons of Hindhead. The aircon and alternator belts were replaced along with an Inspection 2, which is BMW’s highest cost service.



Engine: 2.8 straight six, 193bhp

Performance: 0-60 in 6.8 and 148 mph at the top

Time owned: 12/2005 - Current

Bought and sold for:

Mileage owned: 81,000

Parts/Servicing costs: £400

Insurance: £780 with 2 year NC