930 911 Turbo LE


Porsche announced in 1989 that the turbo model would cease production and to commerate the marque, 50 final editions of 930 Turbo's would be produced. If you are a Porsche enthusiast of a certain age you will remember as i do the Athena poster that adorned many a young boys bedroom wall, The 911 TURBO, This was the car i had to have, the LE being the holy grail of the 930's. Well now i have one . I have owned other 911's including a couple of 930 Turbo's but this one is for keeps I think they just look better than the modern day water-cooled cars, better put together,more involving to drive, no PAS no ABS. I know some people will say "what about the turbo Lag" Well what about it, that is a trait of this model which means you really have to drive the car, learn how to master it , get it right as you go into a bend and keep the rpm right as you exit, get it right and there is no better feeling, I'm still learning. To push this car to it's limits i feel are beyond many a drivers capability., The rush as the turbo comes in in second gear still gives me a buzz and its performance will show up many a modern sports car. and still has looks to die for. 

The LE can be identified by the rear air intakes,and deeper front spoiler which houses the oil cooler ,the first time an oil cooler on a road car fitted in this position. Each car has a gold plaque on the centre console. I Purchased this car a couple of years ago , a friend introduced me to the owner locally who had kept the car in his barn, some years it had only been driven to the dealers for a service and MOT he paid £92500.00 (An astronomical price in 1989) for the car when it was two months old and had covered only 14700 miles with FSH, i could not believe my luck. It was in immaculate condition, the car had over mats and the original carpets had not ever had feet on them, the car even smelled new, and drove like new, everything felt tight, no play in the steering or gear box, it was superb, I did not have time to get it inspected as another buyer was waiting to see if i was going to have it, I did call a dealer and he offered me 5k more than the price I paid so I know I had a great deal. I have made a few modifications but nothing that could not be reversed easily; 1 Bar boost spring, air Injector pump removed and emission plugs fitted, ceramic coated exhaust and free flowing rear muffler. The original figure of 330 BHP has been pushed to around 380 BHP. The looks do it for me the car draws more attention to it than other Porsches i have owned, i guess because you don't see these old cars so often and modern day Porsches although very nice they are just mass produced and so easy to drive. I just love the air cooled cars, Oh and no i don't have a beard. Performance = Its fast enough for me, a Porsche enthusiast of a certain age who had that Athena poster as a boy in the 1970's.   



Porsche Press Release:

The technical specification of the car is the same as 1978 - 1989 Turbo with the following options. The is a copy of the Porsche Marketing Bulletin dated 9/12/88 No: 75/88/2 We are pleased to confirm the details of the Porsche 911 Turbo Limited Edition available from March 1989 production. Each of the 50 examples will be built in Couple body style. Their specification offers a highly attractive combination of road-going performance with subtly distinctive exterior and interior enhancements. Engine and Exterior Refinements. 

The 911 Turbo Limited Edition comes equipped with the 330 bhp power unit normally only available in the 911 Turbo with Sport Equipment. In addition, the fitment of a limited slip differential as standard ensures the the increased engine performance can be used to it's fullest extent. This Limited Edition also adopts the rear wheel air intakes of the Sport Equipment version. However, the "Exclusive" front spoiler (with integral oil cooler) has not been available previously on a production car. Colour co-ordinated wheel centres are at no extra cost option and this model will be available in any of the current Exterior Colours. Interior Enhancements The interior specification includes a 3-spoke steering wheel similar to that fitted to the original 911 Turbo. The leather horn boss will have a gold Porsche Crest, a will the leather gear knob on the shortened gear lever. Any combination of the current Interior Colours for the leather upholstery is available as a no cost option, as is seat piping. The hand brake gaiter will also be covered in leather Security and convenience are enhanced by the fitment of an Alarm System-1 as standard, while the standard audio specification is the Blaupunkt 'Berlin' radio/cassette player. In addition, each car will be fitted with a unique commerative plaque. There interior refinements, allied to the facility to select an imaginative combination of colours, allows your customers the opportunity to specify their 911 Turbo Limited Edition to be both distinctive and individual. 

Retail Price and Availability The Total Retail Price for the 911 Turbo Limited edition will be £84,492.42. This represents excellent value, especially when compared with the cost of ordering this number of 'high value' options separately. As this is a strictly Limited Edition of only 50 models, initially each Centre will be allocated one vehicle. We are confident that the specifications of this special model will appeal to those Porsche drivers who appreciate the uniqueness of the classic 911 Turbo Product Specification - 911 Turbo Limited Edition The specification of this Liited edition model (50 examples) includes:- Engine 330 bhp power unit Oil cooler integrated in the front spoiler Transmission As per standard 911 Turbo Limited slip differential Shortened gear lever Suspension and Drivetrain As per the standard 911 Turbo Exterior Exclusive front spoiler with dual air intakes for oil cooler Rear wheel arch air intakes Colour co-ordinated painted wheel centres - no cost option Top tint screen Choice from current exterior colour range (limited availability of colour to sample at extra cost) Interior Any combination of standard leather colours - no cost option (PCGB) reserve the right to decline orders for colour combinations) Seat piping in leather Leather covered 3-spoke steering wheel and horn boss with gold Porsche Crest Gear lever knob in leather with Porsche Gold Crest Hand brake gaiter in leather Security and Audio Porsche Cars Remote Control Full Feature Alarm System-1 Blaupunkt 'Berlin' radio cassette player (or radio/CD player at no cost option) Optional Equipment All current Optional Equipment available at extra cost Performance Maximum speed in excess of 170 mph Acceleration 0-62 mph in 5 seconds Recommended Total Retail Price £84,492.42 To tell if its a genuine LE the following option codes will be found under the bonnet or in the service book. XA4 - Front Spolier XB7 - Rear Air Ducts (For the rear brakes) XD4 - Painted Wheel Crests XE7 - Front Oil Cooler XH1 - 3 Spoke Steering Wheel XK5 - Leather Gear Lever XN7 - Leather Hand Brake



Engine: 3.3L, 6 Cyl Boxer, 380 bhp

Performance: 0-60 in 5 seconds and 185 mph

Time owned: 2007 - Current

Bought for: £28,000 in 2007 (and sold for £48,500 in 2009 with 22k miles - good investment)

Mileage owned: 14,700 - 22,300

Parts/Servicing costs: approx £400 - £1200

Insurance: £425 with Herritage.