335i SE Coupe


BMW could be in trouble with their latest offering of the top of the range non-M 3 series. The 335i may have 100 bhp less than the latest E92 M3, however Munich’s finest is not equipped with two turbo chargers. Companies such as Hartge, DMS and other custom mapping companies can extract 380 bhp from the twin turbo charged 3 litre straight six with minimal cost. Torque is available at such a low rev range that the 335i feels as quick as the E46 M3 but it is more economical, less polluting, cheaper to maintain and more comfortable. This then, is the best top of the range 3 series (non-M3) that BMW has produced to date.



I purchased this model from BMW Vines of Gatwick in January 2007, when it was first registered. A bit of bartering with the options list and I think everything has been ticked; Sat Nav Professional, BMW Assist, Voice Control, Bluetooth Phone, Telemat, TV, Parking Sensors, Cream Leather Heated Seats and so on. Being slightly older we opted for the 17” alloys and thicker tyres to help cushion what seemed a harsh ride


As usual look for FBMWSH or specialist as these are relatively new cars with some advanced technology that even the most knowledgeable of independents won’t understand or have the tools for the job. Check the condition of the wheels, major curbing may have effected other areas of the car and a full KDS alignment and alloy refurbishment can be costly, a problem with large alloys and low profiles as standard. Check all the electrics, climate control, electric seats etc or these could provoke spending in the long term.


A 5 year service inclusive pack was purchased through Vines Gatwick, which can be used at any dealership.


Engine: 3.0L straight 6 twin turbo, 307bhp

Performance: 0-60 in 5.5 and 155 mph (limited)

Time owned: 01/2007 - Current

Bought for: £40,000

Mileage owned: 0 miles - 19,000

Parts/Servicing costs: £0

Insurance: £600 with 10+ year NC